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  • My Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion

    It has to be said, ultimately I still love fashion. I wouldn’t have made a blog called ‘I Blog The Fashion’ if I hated it – that would be personal torture. But, as I have grown older, I seem to have developed a minor dislike towards the nature of fashion.

    Fashion by definition simply means a trend. Food can be fashionable but not in the clothing sense that we are used to (however, I’m sure someone could make an avocado clothing piece trendy if they tried). Fashion as an industry is fast-paced. You will wake up one day and jeans will be the best material to wear after it being the most hated the day before. Before you can even digest the latest fashions, the next season is flashing into your eyeballs. Once upon a time, I loved that about fashion. I still do love that there’s always something new to buy/admire. But, with that being said there is something so overwhelming about keeping up with the latest fashions.

    When I was blogging on this space when I was sixteen, I religiously read the latest editions of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and pretty much all fashion magazines. It was what I lived for. It was the perfect distraction from my school work. I knew off by heart what designers had released what clothes, their inspiration and how the high street had adapted the catwalk into their own adaptation for mass consumption.

    If you snooze for a second you’re behind on fashion and jeez have I snoozed. I haven’t picked up the latest edition of Vogue and I couldn’t tell you really how the A/W17 Catwalk shows went or even what happened at LFW. I was a busy human and I have become increasingly so. But – I still love fashion. The fact that I have an ignorance towards what’s going on lately sends me a little crazy inside. I have massive F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out – classic). I think the major thing that has changed within me is the lost sense of ‘needing’ all the latest fashions. When I was younger and when I was blogging ‘back in the day’, I always made wish lists and style guides for S/S and A/W and made lists of things I just fancied owning. Hunting for the clothes was something I enjoyed. I spent hours browsing online through High Street stores. It made me happy.

    However, there was also a side to it that was miserable. Although I made wish lists and style guides that I loved, as a student I couldn’t afford any of it. I couldn’t wear a new outfit every day and blog about it. One of the reasons I never did style posts of my own was because I was worried people would pass judgement over the fact I recycled outfits. I didn’t have a new coat every winter. I was extremely fortunate that I was able to buy what I wanted when I wanted to some extent but I certainly couldn’t go splurging thousands. To be honest, I think this aspect of fashion put me off it slightly. I loved fashion so much that clothes were always on my brain. I had a passion to dress how I wanted but I just couldn’t because it didn’t have the money!

    So, I stopped looking for new clothes every day. Instead I looked every other day. I admit, I still check for new clothes and to see what is out there. But it’s mostly because I’m on my iPhone looking for presents and get distracted… I recently got super sad because I had to bag up a massive amount of my clothes due to them being too small. I bought the majority of my clothes when I was sixteen, seventeen and eighteen. My body shape has changed a lot since then. I have more of a ‘womanly’ shape rather than a teenager now. This also made me realise that it was a case of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. I donated my clothes to a charity and immediately started hunting for clothes that I wanted – not looking for what fashion told me I should be wearing.

    To be honest, after I finish babbling away – I will probably go and check out the latest trends and the A/W catwalk. This post has made me realise I want to know what’s ‘down with the fashion kids’. BUT – I no longer let the trends dictate or influence what I want to wear. I think as a teenager I definitely used magazines and trends influence what I would be wearing every day. It was a lot to keep up with and it meant that when the seasons changed or when trends finally went ‘out of trend’, I no longer wanted to wear them. This was an expensive ‘habit’ and I certainly don’t think like this anymore. If I thought that denim was ‘out’ then I wouldn’t wear denim. I now own a ‘Rugrats’ denim jacket and I’ll rock that any season, any time – regardless.

    I guess what my point is that I now have a strong sense of my own style. It’s way more fun this way too. I’m making ‘fashion’ what I want it to be – I’m the mannequin here and I don’t want to feel like a rigid store mannequin that’s dressed by someone else. I think when we follow trends – whatever they may be – we are bit by bit losing a sense of who we are. When I dressed my Polly Pockets and Barbie dolls when I was younger, I used to LOVE dressing them up in what I wanted. It was even better when my Nan would knit my teddy bears clothes that I fancied for them. I mean I was practically Karl Lagerfeld designing teddies for a wool stuffed catwalk show.

    I find the nature of fashion a little bit ‘too much’ at times and I definitely have fallen behind on the latest happenings. I love it but it’s my own personal fashion that I love. I will always wake up and enjoy finding my outfit (given that I have enough time, otherwise I am like a headless chicken throwing clothes everywhere). My favourite thing to do when I have a spare five minutes is to browse online stores – ASOS is my favourite and I think I am quickly climbing the ‘A-lister’ ranks… Every spare bit of money I get goes on my clothes. I am still a fashion fiend. I just don’t care that much about what Gigi Hadid is wearing anymore or where I can get Kendall Jenner’s shoes. I’m doing my own thing, Kenny! But, I do love your shoes also….



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