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  • 20 Reasons To Be Excited About University

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    The prospect of moving to University can be pretty daunting, nerve-wracking and quite frankly scarier than sitting through ‘Annabelle’. How do I know this? I’m moving in four weeks to the big unknown. Yes I’ve had night terrors. Yes I might’ve even shed a tear or two. And yes, I will miss my spacious room as I prepare to transition into one the size of a matchbox. But I also know that it’s time to accept the change and prepare to become a strong, independent woman (har har). 

    Here are 20 reasons to stop being sad about Uni and start getting excited. 

    1. New people – This might be initially scary but you’re going to have double the amount of friends you currently have. Just because you’re leaving your old ones behind doesn’t mean you have to lose touch. We are living in the times where social media runs the world – you’re not going to miss your old pals when you’re getting constant notifications about them! 

    2. A fresh start – It’s like a new life. It’s out with the old and in with the new! 

    3. Nobody knows about those embarrassing school moments & phases – Unlike all your high school pals, your Uni ones will only know the new, mature and sophisticated you!

    4. No parents – I guess for some this is a ‘hell yeah!’ realisation, for me, it makes me cry a river. So technically, I may only be giving you 19 reasons to be excited about University here…

    5. A second room – You get to be creative with a small, cosy space! All you need to remember is that mattress topper!

    6. Exploring a new environment – Chances are if you’re moving to Uni you’re off to a new place. You’ll find new hang outs and new cool places to explore. 

    7. Learning to appreciate the little things – Home cooked Sunday dinner will become a rarity so learning to love and appreciate the small things in life can only make us better people, right? 

    8. Student discount – We’re going to need it!

    9. Studying what we love – Hopefully you’ve signed up for a course that you’re passionate about. Studying what we love every day will make our work load way less tedious. 

    10. Independence – While I’m going to miss having Mum do most mundane tasks, I’ll be learning to be independent and stand on my own two feet.

    11. Motivation – A quality that hopefully we’ll all possess as we power through our first year! The only way is up!

    12. Saying goodbye – I’m sure I’m not alone when I confess that there are some people I really can’t wait never to see again. Purging the negative vibes that emanate from some negative people that can be found within school will be bliss. Sure, I may come across some new ones but ensuring you select and surround yourself with positive, encouraging people when you move away is key to your mental sanity!! 

    13. Freshers Week – Probably what the majority of people can’t wait to get to Uni for. Drinks, new people, dancing, drinks and um more drinks? 

    14. Access to opportunities – You never know what can arise from being in a new place, meeting new people and being a student. You’ll have access to new opportunities that could take you exciting places. 

    15. Not knowing what the future holds – For the last eighteen years your life has been pretty pre-planned – school. Your school routine is no longer part of your life and you don’t know exactly what your future routine holds!  

    16. Longer holidays – We’re going to need that extra time off to recharge from the work (and partying) but those extra few weeks of holiday time will be a blessing. 

    17. New stationary – If this isn’t a reason you’re excited to start Uni, I don’t even know if you’re human right now. Say hello to your pretty new pencils and that squeaky clean rubber – stationary has never looked so good. 

    18. Getting inspired – Surrounded by people with the same interests and learning in a building that’s focused on your passions will only lead to you being inspired. While it may be cringey, you know I’m right. 

    19. Creating memories – Probably a good thing that I’m nearing the end of this list because I seem to be entering a whole other level of cheese. However, you’ll create new memories with new people and have stories to tell (finally!). 

    20. You can be yourself – If there’s one thing for sure it’s your personality, your passions and your drive that got you a spot at your University. Not having to hide any element of your personality is part of the freeing experience of Uni! People really don’t care if you used to be popular or were in the chess club – you’re all equal and likeminded – now go make friends! 


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