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  • What’s On My Wish Lists / October

    Hi everyone… So to clarify I’m alive and I’m still breathing (despite what my blog activity might suggest). Over the past month I blogged once. ONCE. I honestly never expected to have been so busy with the re-start of school. Sixth form/college/whatever you want to call it is hard work. I like hard work but it has meant that my blogging has been slipping drastically. I am trying to schedule in time for my blog but it’s really difficult because of work and general life happenings!

    Since I last blogged I casually met Jamie Laing from one of my favourite programmes, Made In Chelsea…so yeah, that was cool. I have to apologise because I’m not looking my best in this photo, partly because the sun was shining right in my eyes and partly due to having just woken up (literally). Now on with the post…
      A ‘What’s On my Wish Lists’ post is well over due. I missed September which is quite frankly tragic because I didn’t share with you what I’d been pining over for September. I’ve added some of my favourite September wish list items on these October wish lists, however!

    My love for all things Topshop had grown even more during the month of September and it’s spreading into this month too. As a result, most things on my fashion wish list this month are in fact from Topshop (sorry, not sorry…). Here’s why I love and want everything on this list.

    1. Forever 21 Street-Chic Shredded Sweater – I have to confess, this month was the first time I had ever been on the Forever 21 website. I never knew what I was missing. The website is full of really cool, unique and edgy pieces. The best part is that the prices are relatively low too so I was smiling! This Shredded Sweater is one of the things that I fell in love with on their website. I haven’t seen anything like this on the high-street, it falls under this season’s ‘punk’/’gothic’ chic look and I simply love it. A casual but edgy sweater for everyday wear – perfect.

    2. Topshop Cable Pom Scarf – The nights are getting darker and the days are getting colder – meaning only one thing – winter is edging closer. When there’s winter, there’s scarves. A practical addition to my wish list but a fashion choice nevertheless! This scarf is really cute with the additions of the poms on the ends – who doesn’t love a pom?

    3. Faith Chockers Shoes – When I first saw these shoes on the Chocker’s website I literally fell in love.  The fact that they’re £10 just makes my life even better. These shoes were on my September wish list and since then I have actually gone and bought them. They arrived (a little marked I have to say) but still amazing. I was a bit gutted with the mark on the front but due to pure laziness I couldn’t be bothered with the fuss of sending them back for an exchange pair. I’ll do a blog post on the shoes soon so you can all feast your eyes on their beauty and masterpiece-qualities.

    4. Topshop Vintage Borg Denim Jacket – You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket in my opinion. Denim jackets are ridiculously versatile and perfect for easy, casual fashion. I love this denim jacket because it’s designed for the wintery months. Lined with cosy fur around the neck and on the inside of the jacket it will keep you warm and snug. I want this very badly, I may just have to splurge a little…keep your eyes peeled because I might just pluck up the courage – buy it and blog it!

    5. Topshop Green Check Wool Shorts – It’s getting colder so surely shorts would be out of the question? After all, who wants goosebump-covered legs. That’s why I adore these Green Check Wool Shorts. They’re wool so you’ve got the whole ‘warmth’ aspect covered; these shorts, paired with some sheer/black tights would be an easy but style-fuelled outfit.

    6. Topshop Suede Backed Tote – I have a bit of a bag obsession to say the least, I’m always on the look out for new bags. This bag just happens to be my most recent bag discovery. I love the pastel colour of the bag and the way it’s a statement bag without being too in your face because the colour is so subtle.

    7. H&M Loafers – I’m aware that these shoes slightly resemble footwear of one of Santa’s Elves but that’s partly why I like them. They’re dainty because they look like Elf/Pixie shoes, perfect for casual winter wear and for getting in the spirit of Christmas!

    8. Topshop Two Tone Mom Jeans – I never used to wear jeans. I used to think that they were the most uncomfortable things to ever be created. They allowed no movement and just kind of clung/hung loosely around your legs. However, a few months back I bought a pair of Topshop’s high-waisted skinny jeans and I have not stopped wearing them ever since. I’ve worn the jeans so much that I feel like it’s time to purchase a second pair. These Topshop Mom Jeans are really cool, the two tone aspect is original and quirky and they look so comfy! I will definitely be buying these when I’ve got some money in my purse!

    1. Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance – I spotted this fragrance on one of my online beauty searches and instantly wished I’d seen it in the shops instead because I wanted to test it! The description of a ‘floral’ scent sounds like my typical ‘sweet’ preference when it comes to perfumes. What also intrigues me about this perfume is that the liquid is black, supposedly ‘black in colour like the soul of fame’. Trust Lady Gaga to come up with something symbolical, quirky and to my knowledge never done before. Although it’s a black liquid it’s supposed to turn transparent once squirted. I’m full of intrigue and really want to try this perfume the next time I’m at my local Boots/Superdrug!

    2. Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation – For a few weeks I have been a little miserable, sad and lost. I’ve been so emotional due to the fact that Max Factor have discontinued the ONLY foundation that matches my skin tone. Before you think I’m being over-dramatic, I’m really not. Trying to find foundation that matches my skin tone is somewhat the bane of my life. It is mission impossible if there ever was one. After about a year of using Max Factor’s Xperience foundation I’d finally found my true love, only to have it taken away from me without notice…Anyway, I’ve been lost, sad and a little miserable because I’d lost my perfect match foundation, a tragedy I will never overcome. BUT, when I saw that Max Factor had recently released this Whipped Cream foundation, an ounce of hope surfaced. Could this be my next true love? I hope so. I’m yet to try their Whipped Cream addition but by the looks of it the shades are almost identical to Xperience’s range. Fingers crossed that this will be my next reliable foundation. It has a lot to live up to!

    3. Eyelure False Lashes – When it comes to parties, false eyelashes are a must-have essential. For a very long time I’ve been using Girls Aloud range of eyelashes (my favourite lashes being Nicola’s and Cheryl’s designs). I find it hard to get really good lashes, more often or not the glue will be rubbish and the eyelashes will be equally hard to apply. Although I’ve had zero problems with the Girls Aloud range I would like to experiment a little with some other false eyelashes out there. I’ve read really good reviews about these Eyelure Lashes so I’ve stuck them on my wish list and I’ll hopefully be giving them a try sometime soon.

    4. Topshop Face Sculpting Palette in Kick Start – This Palette looks perfect for everyday, natural makeup and for that reason – I want it now! The colours in the palette are a good range of tones yet each colour is natural and will give you different looks.

    5. Carmex Vanilla Lip Balm – As the colder days are slowly creeping nearer my lips need to stay nourished and moisturised! Carmex is a perfect moisture sustaining lip balm, I usually carry one everywhere in the Autumn/Winter seasons because the weather is so harsh on my lips they end up getting dry. Applying a small bit of Carmex does the job. An essential for Winter for sure!

    So there you have it, my October wish lists! I’ll try and do a weekly blog post but I do apologise in advance in case that doesn’t happen. I’m trying to manage my time better so that I get to blog more – promise!


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