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  • September Favourites // Empties

    I don’t do ‘Favourites’ posts very often. Unlike other bloggers I’m not blogging my favourite items every single month. The reason for this isn’t because I don’t find things I like during the course of a month, but it’s because I don’t have enough ‘favourites’ to make up a post every single month. When I find something I really like, I tend to stick to using that same thing rather than trying new things out. I guess I’m not very adventurous that way. However, since I started blogging earlier this year, I’ve been increasingly trying out new things. I get sent some new things via lovely PR’s and I also splurge a little now and then to try new things out and later review/blog my thoughts about them. In September I’d experimented with quite a few new things and it occurred to me that I should do a ‘September Favourites’ post to share all of these items with you and give you my thoughts! So, without further ado, here they are!

    Bucket Feet Shoes*/ Essie Fiji Nail Varnish / Daisy Eau So Fresh / Bumble and Bumble Hairspray * / Morrocan Oil / VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray / Mac Eye Palette

    BucketFeet Shoes * – I got sent these shoes a few weeks ago and they are the craziest/coolest shoes I think I’ve ever seen. Firstly, the name ‘BucketFeet’ is completely quirky, unique and fun. I think that the world of ‘shoes’ is far too bland and boring; there isn’t one brand I can think of off the top of my head that stands out as a quirky/fun brand with equally fun and quirky shoes – BucketFeet fills that empty spot in the market. These shoes are outrageously fun and will immediately inject life into the simplest of outfits. The box that the shoes were packaged in was decorated in cute illustrations and came with its own BucketFeet string bag to keep the shoes safe and clean. Another reason I love the brand is that it gives individual artists a chance to shine, connecting their work with consumers. Each shoe BucketFeet designs has its own look and its own design by a different artist. Creative and fun – these shoes are one of a kind!

    Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh – This perfume is my perfect ‘on-the-go’ scent. Its light and floral nature is subtle but will have people asking you what you’re wearing all the same! I’ve been wearing this perfume a lot and it was definitely my favourite September scent! I also love the bottle, it really stands out from the rest of my averagely designed perfume bottles!

    Mac Eyeshadow Palette – Confession time – this palette isn’t actually mine (I wish), it’s my Mum’s. I’ve kind of been stealing this particular Mac palette of hers because I’ve sort of fallen in love with the shades. I’m not sure she’s clocked it’s missing yet but I’ve been enjoying it in the meantime. The shades are; Crystal, Tempting, Gorgeous Gold and Black Tied. The colours all complement each other and are a perfect foursome collection. My personal favourite combo is Crystal and Tempting – they’re perfect for blending and developing into a subtle/stronger look depending on the occasion.

    Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray* – This cute little bottle was a freebie that came with Elle magazine a few months ago. I’ve been using this hairspray ever since. It’s perfect for giving your hair extra volume and thickness after you’ve just washed it. I tousle my hair when it’s wet while applying some of this spray into the lengths. Its effect isn’t drastic but it’s good for giving your hair a little bit of extra volume!

    Moroccan Oil – I loved this oil so much that I’ve used it all up. I’ve blogged about Moroccan Oil before, it would’ve been a crime not to. The oil is literally my favourite hair product out there. From the delicious smell to its brilliance, this oil took its last breaths in September. I’ve been mourning it ever since and I desperately need to re-purchase a bottle! It was my hair’s saviour, making sure it was conditioned and healthy through its growing process!

    V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray – This hairspray was fantastic. It’s one of my ’empties’ from September. I used the whole can within the month. I’ve found it the best hairspray , it does exactly what it says on the can and is definitely ‘ultimate hold’. I’m sad that it’s all gone and as soon as I can get my hands on it again, my smile will return!

    Essie Fiji Nail Varnish – A piece of shocking news might be that I have never owned an Essie nail varnish before the month of September. Partly what put me off was their slightly, ‘above-average’ prices. However, after purchasing ‘Fiji’ I won’t ever look back – Essie is the nail varnish for me. The colour, although it looks relatively neutral and un-pigmented in the bottle, actually has a really strong pigmentation and with just one coat you can get a great finish! One of my pet hates when it comes to nail varnish is the need for applying multiple coats before you can actually get a good, strong colour on your nail. This is the first nail varnish I have come across that has a pale colour and strong pigmentation with one coat. Definitely worth those extra few pounds!

    So there you have it – my September Favourites // Empties!


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