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    Lancôme isn’t usually the kind of thing that I would ‘haul’. In fact, I’m not sure many people ‘haul’ Lancôme products because they’re quite expensive to say the least. However, I have hauled Lancôme and I’m not sorry…Here’s what I bought:


    You’re probably wondering what spurred on such a splurge..Honestly? I’m not too sure. I’d had a few things from Lancôme before but most of it was samples. I was at the Lancôme counter in Boots, exploring the make-up as usual and I noticed that they had a bunch of offers on. This was the beginning of more intrigue. The offers were brilliant. Products that were usually around £20+ were being offered as free gifts alongside your Lancôme purchases. This offer was too good to turn down – this is where the splurge began.. 
      I was actually originally at the 
    Lancôme counter to re-purchase my favourite mascara – Hypnôse. I knew that their Hypnôse collection had some new designs by Alber Elbaz. They were covered top-to-toe in really cute, quirky and fun illustrations. I loved the new designs and the timing was great because I’d just run out of my mini Hypnôse mascara and needed a replacement! This was the first product I bought in my haul.

    Like I mentioned above, I’d had my original Hypnôse mascara from a sample. Since the day I tried the sample, I never stopped using it. Hypnôse was the best mascara I had tried – it still is. I’ve tried literally every mascara on the shelves out there and nothing and I mean nothing  compares to this mascara. Unlike so many cheaper mascaras out there, this Hypnôse mascara doesn’t mat your eyelashes together in a clump – with the lovely designed brush it spreads out your lashes and separates them for you. What I also love about Hypnôse is that it looks natural but still gives your lashes the volume and length that they need. It’s the perfect balance. This design by Alber Elbaz is actually an extra black mascara – although there isn’t a massive difference in the black and extra black, there is a more obvious colour with the extra black Hypnôse (which is obviously the whole point). I’m not sure what the added ingredient was in this particular Alber Elbaz edition of  Hypnôse but I have to say I was a little disappointed. The mascara irritated my eyes and throughout the course of the day small particles of mascara would fall into them. This was a little inconvenient as it meant that my eyes would naturally start watering buckets to try and remove the black particle that had fallen into them, meaning not only that I looked like I was crying, but also that my makeup ended up half way down my face. However, in purchasing this  Hypnôse Alber Elbaz extra black mascara I got a mini, original Hypnôse mascara free (like the one I originally ran out of). This mascara is the best one out there and although it retails at £23.00 – it’s worth every single penny.  I wish I’d stuck to what I knew was best and bought the original  Hypnôse that I get along with but I suppose the extra black was worth a try..
      The next thing that I bought in my Lancôme haul was their lipsticks. As you know I have a soft spot for lipsticks. Since receiving my Estee Lauder lipstick, I’ve really noticed the quality difference in cheaper drugstore brand lipsticks and higher brand lipsticks. They’re incomparable. While I’m finding most of my cheaper lipsticks won’t last very long or their pigmentation is far weaker, higher brand lipsticks last longer and their pigmentation is fantastic. I’d never tried a Lancôme lipstick prior to these purchases but after being more than satisfied with my Estee Lauder Vintage Mauve, I took the plunge and snapped up these L’absolu Rouge lipsticks…

    These lipsticks are amazing. The pigmentation is fantastic and not only that but they smell great. Not many lipsticks have a distinctive ‘smell’ but these Lancôme lipsticks certainly do. You know the small, purple sweets that you ate as a kid – Parma Violets? Well, these lipsticks smell exactly of them. I used to love Parma Violets, I haven’t actually had one in years but they were delicious. I’ve been wearing these lipsticks for the past few days non-stop. Their smell is signature and specific to them – they’re the best smelling lipsticks I own. The lipsticks, once on your lips, are also really great. They last really well and give your lips a lovely silky texture. I chose these colours because I own nothing like them. A mistake that I have made with lipsticks in the past is buying practically the same colours again and again. So, I made a point of making sure that these lipsticks were completely different from anything I owned. I love these colours. They’re so different and achieve completely different looks. Rose Reflet is the lighter shade of the two, it’s perfect for a subtle colour splash and for relatively natural makeup. It’s a lovely light shade but is still well pigmented. Rouge Crepuscule is the darker shade of the two. It’s a really pigminted shade and has a sparkly sheer quality to it. I think this is probably my favourite of the two but only because I tend to wear red tones more than pink. Both colours are so nice and for once – completely different to anything else I own! I’ll definitely be buying some more of these lipsticks! The lipsticks are priced at £22.00 each, which, for an excellent lipstick is quite reasonable. Ok, it is a lot of money but you’ll just have to get over it because these lipsticks are totally worth it. Start saving! 

      The next thing that I bought was one of Lancôme’s newest products from their ‘In Love’ collection – Gloss In Love Pink Carat. 

    This gloss is beautiful. I chose this shade because it has subtle pink pigmentation and I wanted a natural gloss for day-to-day wear. I couldn’t be happier. Although the gloss doesn’t have a particular taste/scent like Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes, the natural quality is quite nice! Sometimes a taste/scent can be too overpowering so this gloss makes a contrast to the other scented glosses I own. When on my lips the gloss is sheer and has a subtle but cute sparkle to the finish. Priced at £20.00 this gloss is expensive and I sort of flinch when I think too much about the price because at the end of the day I did just buy a lipgloss when I could’ve realistically brought about 3 on the lower price-end beauty stands BUT I do love this gloss, so maybe it was worth the money…

      Lastly are the fabulous gifts that came free with my purchases; Galteis Douceur Cleanser*, Tonique Douceur Toner* and Bi-Facil Eye Cleanser*.

    A perk for any customer is free gifts, so, naturally I was beaming when the lady at the counter exclaimed that I would be receiving these lovely products. I have to admit, I usually steer well clear from facial products purely because of bad experience. A few years ago my skin wasn’t in the best shape, picture your typical spotty teenager – I was that. Spots are the bane of anyone’s life and while I realise that there were some people my age with a lot worse problems than spots, I was a little distressed with my pimples. At the time there were numerous magazines with articles for ‘cures’ for ‘acne’/’spots’ – I basically tried everything the world had to offer to try and rid my face of the horrible monsters. That was probably the worst move I have made ‘vanity-wise’. My spots seemed to multiply, my skin got incredibly red due to my sensitive skin and my face was left with scarring for a few years after. So, because of this, I tend not to fuss with my face too much. My skin routine is fairly straight forward, soap and water – done. 

      I have tried these products and I have to admit that they did make my skin red, I was a little puzzled because the ingredients are fairly natural and don’t have any harsh ingredients so I put it down to my skin being hyper sensitive. However, a bonus I found when using all three products, is the amount of excess makeup it removed from my face. I was absolutely appalled with the amount of makeup that was still coming off my face after I had washed it and used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup from the day. In that respect it’s a shame that I had a slight reaction from these products because it really did remove so much makeup that I didn’t even know was lingering on my skin. I especially found that after I used the  Galteis Douceur Cleanser* and Tonique Douceur Toner* that my skin looked so much fresher and cleaner. I passed these products onto my Mum – as she also has sensitive skin I wasn’t sure whether she’d get along with them but she’s found them wonderful and they are part of her daily makeup routine now. 

    And that concludes my Lancôme Haul! Overall I was thrilled with my purchases. Will I be hauling expensive makeup anytime soon again? Probably not but it was fun nevertheless (until I looked in my purse and found an empty space)! 


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