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Inside Company magazine’s goodie bag was Paul Mitchell’s Beachy Texture Cream-Gel amongst several other products. I’ve only ever dedicated one other blog post to one product which was ALDI’s Shimmering face cream. The reason I haven’t dedicated a whole post to any other beauty related product  is because I find it extremely hard to find ones worth ranting and raving on about. However, when I do find a product worthy of my rants and raves I want to let people aware of it..So welcome to a blog dedicated to my new best friend – Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave Cream.
  I’d sort of given up on hair products for several reasons; most of them don’t do what they say on the bottle, the vast majority them are more expensive than my pedigree dog (okay, maybe not but they’re over priced) and after using them my hair will look like I’ve washed it in chip fat – grease/sticky residue galore. As a result I was hesitant to use this Beachy Texture Cream-Gel because I didn’t want to look like I’d dipped my head into some lard. I also have the problem that whenever I use heat to curl my hair and a ton of hairspray my curls fall out within a few hours so I did have little faith in this product initially.
  To my total surprise after wetting my hair and applying the product into my hair using a ‘scrunching’ method, my curls were bigger than I could have wished for. Another major plus was that they have stayed in all day! Here are my curls after applying the product and the method that I used to apply it!

 So there it is! My beached-up hair! I’ve always envied people with curly hair, always wanting to have it myself but now I’ve got the best of both worlds with my new found hair secret!

Get the look:
1. Buying Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave Cream-Gel would be a good start.
2. Next you need to dampen your hair
3. Into the palm of your hand squirt a large coin’s worth (it does depend on the length of your hair as to how much you use).
4. Scrunch up your hair in an upwards direction and repeat until curls start forming.
5. Briefly blowdry the curls
6. Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!
 Now you’re good to go!

My rating:
Easy to apply? Yes! Quick and so much easier and better for your hair than tongs/curlers!
Overall finish – 5/5 – No greasy residue and does exactly what it says on the bottle, gives the beach effect!

Please note: Paul Mitchell’s Beachy Texture Cream-Gel does not partake in animal testing. Another plus I think you’ll agree.

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